Winter Is Around! Reach For These Dry Fruits

Winter Is Around! Reach For These Dry Fruits

Are you looking for the best winter snacks that are good for your health with no refined sugar, sodium and cholesterol? Look no further, try Tong Garden dry fruits. Here you will find the best quality and different types of dry fruits. Especially in winter, you must take care of your diet as it comes with various different kinds of disease hence, your immunity power must be strong enough to deal with it. 

7 Types Of Dry Fruits To Eat This Winter


Pistachio also known as Pista is one of the most eaten dry fruits in the world as it has so many health benefits, especially in the winter season. This dry fruit is unique and sweet in taste. Also, this is tasty and high in antioxidants, oleic acid, vitamin E, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and so on. All those elements help in being warm in the winter season hence consuming Pistachios in the winter season can be effective. Furthermore, pistachios help in preventing diabetes, blood circulation problems and haemoglobin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Shop our Tong Garden Salted Pistachios from our website or nearby stores.  


Do you also experience constipation in the winter season? If yes, then simply eat prunes daily or drink one glass of prune juice every morning. This can be the best way to get relief from constipation and to feel warm in the cold.  Prunes are basically dried plums that are also known as aloo Bukhara in Urdu. This dry fruit is packed up with vitamin B6, iron and potassium which makes it a healthy option and protects the human body from diseases in the winter season. You can buy Sun Gift Sakura Plum from the tong garden website at reasonable prices. 


Walnuts look like a brain and hence this has been introduced as brain food as it is not only shaped as a brain but helps sharpen brain skills as well. Walnuts also contain fatty acids like Omega-3 which is highly essential for the fast and smooth functioning of the brain. Furthermore, it also contains fibres, minerals and vitamins that help human beings warm in the winter season. As mentioned above, they are high in omega-3 and antioxidants, it helps in reducing inflammation along with maintaining a healthy gut and lowering cancer risk. 


Almonds are one of the best snacks to eat in the winter season than any other snacking options. This is because almonds are high in minerals and vitamins and can be eaten at any time whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. Furthermore, almonds are fully packed with antioxidants and don't contain cholesterol which helps in remain healthy and fit during the winter season. Almonds are also very good for hair, teeth and skin along with this, it helps in relieving constipation, heart problems and respiratory problems. If you are looking for the best quality almonds, then visit the Tong Garden website as we have various healthy snacking options for you. We have a variety of almond snack options such as Tong Garden Smoke Almonds, Tong Garden Oven Roasted Salted Almonds and Tong Garden Nutrione Baked Almonds


Cashews also known as “Kaju” are so good for health and also help in maintaining heart health, weight loss and blood sugar control. Cashew is packed with fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It also contains various kinds of minerals, vitamins and plant compound benefits. The best thing about eating cashews is that it is delicious, hence you can get health benefits while enjoying flavours. You can get the best quality cashews from our website. We also have a variety of options such as salted cashews. Visit our website to know more about our products and offerings. 


If you are health conscious and looking for a fruit that contains natural sweeteners for your desserts, then dates are the best choice. This is because dates contain natural sweetness and organic sugar content. Furthermore, dates are also used in a variety of sweet dishes for those who are avoiding the consumption of sugar. Dates are also high in minerals, proteins and vitamins that help to keep your body warm in winter along with relieving constipation and treating anaemia. You can buy Sun Gift Dried Pitted Dates from Tong Garden Website. 

Dry fruits have many benefits and also they are small and lightweight which helps you be fit and healthy during winter season along with boosting your energy. The best part about Tong Garden dried fruits is that they are mostly naturally sun-dried fruits and are not processed like other food products available in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for healthy and tasty snacking options, then visit our website or nearby stores to get the best quality of dry and dried fruits.