Tong Garden Wasabi Coated Green Peas, 500g

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Wasabi Green Peas from Tong Garden have been coated with the natural flavor of Horseradish which is similar to the Indian Radish.

As Horseradish has a much stronger and pungent flavor than onion and Radish, the taste will be spicy for a few seconds and will be normal after.

Our Tong Garden products are 100% safe and healthy snacks and we always care for our customers’ health.

You can find all the details and benefits of wasabi on Google as well.


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Ingredient Name
Green Peas
Wheat Flour
Glutinous Rice Flour
Soy Sauce
Palm Olein
Iodised Salt
Wasabi Powder
This green-on-green snack packs a punch and a zap with green peas coated in tongue-tingling wasabi. These spicy crunchy pearls are so good they’ll make you tear up..

Product Description

Rich In

Protein, Carbs, Dietery Fibers, Iron

Goes great With
Snacks, Easy to carry, Salad, Spicy flavoured


Anti Inflammatory, builds bone Strength, Anti Aging, Nature's Condiment, Pevent Cancer

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