Tong Garden Salted Pistachio, 400g

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Freshly roasted pistachio delicately salted to bring our the sweetness of each kernel. Pry open the shell of each smiling nut to be rewarded with a sweet and fragrant kernel within. This snack is not only delicious, its fun to eat and great for you!


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Pistachios, Salt
Pistachios are high in dietary fiber. therefore helping to excrete well and suitable for those who want to control their weight, as well as having anti-oxidants, thus helping to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease

Product Description

Rich In

Protein, Fiber,no sodium,MUFA and PUFA

Low fat, Zero Cholesterol, Cardio dieses.

Goes great With
Shake, Chutney. Salad Toppings, Fruit salad, museli, snacks.

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