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  1. How dry fruits are good for heart?

    How dry fruits are good for heart? In India they say that ‘have almonds for a better brain’! But this leads to a question. Do dry fruitsreally make a big impact on our heart health? The short answer is ‘YES’! And there is a long answertoo.Most of the dry fruits are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and several micronutrients. Thesenutrients play a very important role in building the body’s system and overall health. So, makingthem a part of the regular daily diet is one step further in the right direction.A research study indicates that having nuts regularly in your diet, reduces the chances of heartattack. Because the nuts help in maintaining healthy balance of Read more...
  2. Title: Daily diet and food that boosts immunity naturally

    Title: Daily diet and food that boosts immunity naturally COVID – 19 pandemic situation or not, we are surrounded by micro-organisms all the time. Pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi –in simple words‘germs’ – are the reason behind INFECTIOUS DISEASES. WE CAN’T SEE THEM! But still we prevent them from harming us. How?? Our immune system keeps on fighting with them, day and night, without a break! Can you imagine, if a single germ crosses this barrier – it leads you to all sorts of health problems and unnecessary expenses. So, we need to pay extra attention to the immunity, especially in the times of Corona Virus. So, here are some amazing tips to Read more...

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