All over the world, there is a wide-spread concern about the effects of gluten on your body. Some people say it is bad for your health, some say it doesn’t matter. It is a fact that gluten is a natural protein which is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. Gluten is the reason these food have sticky and starchy quality. This is why we can stretch a dough ball and make a bread. So, if you think gluten is a monster – it is not! But at the same time, it is true that the effect of gluten differs from person to person. It is not good for everyone.

Effect of gluten on our body:

  • Gluten has prebiotic effect so, it promotes the growth of good micro-organisms in our digestive system. The micro-organisms improve digestion and enhance mineral absorption.
  • Gluten may create side effects in some people. Some people are allergic to gluten as their body consider it as toxin and the immune system attacks it.
  • Gluten free diet is one of the main part for the treatment of celiac disease.
  • Gluten may also induce skin rash leading to redness, blisters or bumps. Dermatitis Herpetiformis is the condition in which people develop reaction to gluten.
  • Sometimes gluten-free diet might induce obesity, metabolic syndrome, and other such conditions involving intestinal absorption.

It has been observed that most of the people who opt for gluten-free diet, do not have celiac disease. Most of the time, people think ‘gluten-free’ products are a healthier version of food. Overall, gluten is a problem for certain people who either can’t process gluten or are allergic to gluten. Most of the people can consume gluten based products without any issues. The people who have a problem with gluten, they should not blindly draw conclusions. They should consult experts first and understand the true nature of their condition. And if the doctor suggests, you can go for food which is gluten-free.

But if you are avoiding the whole grains that contain gluten, you might end up missing out on other nutrients such as Vitamins, Proteins, and Minerals. But then there is a way out. You can supplement your diet with fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. They are a good source of nutrients and they are gluten-free. You can choose snacks which are gluten-free.